Human Trafficking

During January, in support of Human Trafficking Awareness Month, In-N-Out Burger® will match your donation 3-to-1 up to $250,000.

Join The Fight To End Human Trafficking

Victims of human trafficking silently cry for help. You can help us fight this injustice and bring hope to thousands in our very own communities.

Human trafficking, also known as modern-day slavery, involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of exploitation through labor or commercial sex acts.

Human Trafficking Stats

Trafficking Victims


The number of trafficking situations and victims identified in 2020 was 10,583.

Source: National Human Trafficking Hotline

High Trafficking Areas


California and Texas have the highest number of human trafficking cases in the United States.

Source: Human Trafficking Search

Victim Deaths


17,000 victims of sex trafficking died from abuse, disease, torture, and neglect in the U.S. in 2020.

Source: Polaris

Four Cornerstones to Eliminate Human Trafficking

We support organizations that fight human trafficking through the following approaches:


Preventing new victims by educating the community on the prevalence of human trafficking.


Enforcing laws that prosecute, incarcerate and/or deter criminals and protect victims.


Identify and empower individuals forced to participate in any type of labor or commercial sex acts.


Providing holistic rehabilitation, restoration and healing from the trauma experienced by victims.