Our Requirements

To receive funding from the Slave 2 Nothing® Foundation, each applicant must be a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that focuses on the fight against substance abuse and/or human trafficking in a state where there is an In-N-Out Burger® restaurant: California, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and Oregon. Applications are by invitation only.

The Slave 2 Nothing Foundation supports two kinds of nonprofit organizations:

  1. Human Trafficking organizations that create, educate and assist with solutions to eliminate human trafficking in the following ways:
    • Education - Preventing new victims through education and increased awareness of human trafficking.
    • Justice - Creating and enforcing laws that prosecute, incarcerate and/or deter criminals and protect victims.
    • Rescue - Identify and empower any person that has been forced, manipulated, coerced or exploited to participate in any type of labor or commercial sex acts.
    • Support - Holistic rehabilitation, restoration, and healing from the trauma experienced by human trafficking victims.
  2. Substance Abuse organizations that assist individuals and their families to gain freedom and healing in the following ways:
    • Prevention - Helping prevent adults, teens, and children within our communities from being enslaved to any substance by promoting education and increased awareness.
    • Treatment - Helping anyone enslaved to a substance through interventions, detox, short or long-term care, inpatient and outpatient programs, and holistic therapy (including psychological, emotional, medical, physical, social, cognitive, and spiritual).
    • Support - Helping those no longer addicted to a substance restore their lives, relationships, and direction through understanding their life purpose.

The Process

When we receive donations for the Slave 2 Nothing Foundation, we are receiving the trust to effectively use those funds. We engage in an extensive due diligence process to ensure that any funding we provide will be used to make the greatest impact possible.

The current focus of our funding through 2020 is to support 501(c)(3) service providers in California, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and Oregon as follows:

Should you feel your organization is a fit, and would like to request a site visit, please send us a message on our contact form. Please describe what programmatic pieces your organization provides that coincides with our focus.
*Note: Statistics, history, and success stories do not need to be included in the email.

Every organization invited to apply for funding from the Slave 2 Nothing Foundation is required to go through an intensive 4-step vetting process.

A Slave 2 Nothing Associate will:

Step 1: Complete a thorough site visit of the organization’s facilities and observe its programs.

Step 2: Meet with the Executive Director or CEO of the organization to discuss the organization’s mission, vision, history, program successes and strategic plans.

If an organization passes the first two steps, they may be invited to complete steps 3 and 4;

Step 3: An organization may be asked to complete a Letter of Interest (LOI) of 1-2 pages articulating:

  • How the organization’s services align with Slave 2 Nothing’s focus and target locations.
  • A brief description of the organization’s needs and planned use of financial support.
Note: Statistics, history, and success stories do not need to be included in the LOI.

Step 4: Each organization completes a detailed application that includes financial statements, recent audits, and 990 tax returns to be evaluated by the Slave 2 Nothing Foundation team for effectiveness, stewardship, and integrity. The organization will be directed to create specific measurable goals on how the grant would be utilized to improve the effectiveness of the organization.

Final Decision: Following the 4-step vetting process, the Slave 2 Nothing Board of Directors will evaluate the applications and select funding recipients.

Financial Analysis

We evaluate the financial health of each organization and request their most recent 990 tax returns and financial audit information. This information is reviewed and taken into consideration along with the grant proposal and other related materials. Key financial and management factors include the following:


  • Debt History / Management
  • Cash Reserves / Revenue Reliability
  • Program vs. Expense Ratio
  • Cash Liquidity Ratio
  • Fundraising Efficiency
  • Staff Salaries


  • Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Whistle Blower Policy
  • Competitive Staff Salary Analysis

Our Timeframe

Grants are reviewed and awarded on an annual basis using the following schedule (*subject to change).

  • Application and Letter of Intent: By invitation only
  • Application and Annual Report Deadline: November 1st
  • Decisions Made: May 1st
  • Notifications: Early May

Funding Availability

Unfortunately, the Slave 2 Nothing Foundation is able to fund only a limited number of the total requests we receive. If a particular request meets funding criteria but does not receive support, one should not interpret this as an indication of the Slave 2 Nothing Foundation’s lack of appreciation for the merit and worthiness of either the request or the organization seeking support. We welcome those organizations to reapply. While there is no guarantee of ongoing support, there are no limitation on how many times an organization can apply. Each request is reviewed on its individual merit, and decisions are not based on prior year submittals. Therefore, an organization should reapply each year.

On occasion, an organization that receives a grant asks to recognize In-N-Out Burger and Slave 2 Nothing for such contributions. While we are always honored by the request, we do not encourage or recommend any such recognition. Part of our company’s mission statement is to “assist all communities in our marketplace”, and so we are pleased to support your efforts.