Our Requirements

To receive funding from the Slave 2 Nothing® Foundation, each applicant must be a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization that focuses on the elimination and/or prevention of substance abuse and human trafficking in the states of California, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Oregon.

The Slave 2 Nothing Foundation supports two kinds of nonprofit organizations:

  1. Human Trafficking organizations that are effectively working towards the elimination and prevention of labor and/or sex trafficking in the following ways:
    • Education - Preventing new victims through education and increased awareness of human trafficking.
    • Justice - Creating and enforcing laws that prosecute, incarcerate and/or deter criminals and protect victims.
    • Rescue - Identify, empower and liberate any person that has been forced, manipulated, coerced or exploited to participate in any type of labor or commercial sex trafficking.
    • Support - Holistic rehabilitation, restoration and healing from the trauma experienced by human trafficking victims.
  2. Substance Abuse organizations that are effectively working towards the elimination and prevention of substance abuse in the following ways:
    • Prevention - Helping to prevent adults, teens and children within our communities from being enslaved to any substance by promoting education and increased awareness.
    • Treatment - Helping anyone enslaved to a substance through interventions, detox, short &/or long term care, inpatient and outpatient programs, and holistic therapy (including psychological, emotional, medical, social, intellectual, and spiritual).
    • Support - Helping those no longer addicted to a substance by providing ongoing support for them, their families, and friends - helping them to restore their lives and relationships, and gain direction through understanding their life purpose.

The Process

Every organization that meets the requirement for funding will be required to go through an intensive 4-step vetting process.

A Slave 2 Nothing team member will:

Step 1: Complete a thorough site visit of the organization’s facilities and observe its programs;

Step 2: Meet with and interview the leadership from each organization to discuss their mission, vision, history, program successes, strategic plans, etc.

If an organization passes the first two steps, they will be invited to complete steps 3 and 4.

Step 3: Each organization completes a detailed application form, which includes sharing their financial statements and 990 tax returns to be evaluated by the Slave 2 Nothing Foundation team to further evaluate their effectiveness, stewardship and integrity.

Step 4: If an organization is selected to move forward to stage 4 in the vetting process, they will be directed to create specific measurable goals of how (if they were to be funded) the funds would be utilized to improve the effectiveness/influence of their organizations.

Final Decision: Once the 4 step vetting process in completed, these organizations will be brought before the Slave 2 Nothing Board of Directors, who makes the final decision on who receives funding.

Our Timeframe

Funding is provided on an annual basis (once a year).

All funding decisions will be announced at the end of the calendar year (December).

Site visits and interviews can happen throughout the year.

Applications are by invitation only.

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