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Slave 2 Nothing
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    Thank You for contacting Slave 2 Nothing. Due to the fantastic response we have received, we will respond to each email in the order that it is received. Thank you for your patience.

    This email is monitored during business hours only. The Slave 2 Nothing Foundation is not a direct service provider. If you are in immediate danger, contact 911 to receive the most immediate response. For information on resources and referrals to organizations in your community, please contact:

    Please note, any statements or comments made to the Slave 2 Nothing Foundation are not confidential and may be forwarded to the appropriate parties. Slave 2 Nothing cannot verify and is not responsible for any content in third party sites, such as those operated by service providers. Slave 2 Nothing does not license, endorse, or recommend any particular provider. In the event individuals are seeking services, we urge them to interview a provider and to check the provider’s references carefully before seeking services.

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